A Guide for Traveling without a Visa

A Guide for Traveling without a Visa

Some nationals of particular nations don’t need visas to travel to the US or the UK. By gaining a second citizenship in a country that permits unrestricted travel to the US and the UK, citizens of other nations can get around the ban.

Passports that Don’t Require a Visa for Entry into the US or the UK 

Forty nations participating in the Visa Waiver Program are eligible to enter the US without a visa. European Union nationals may enter the United States without a visa under a visa-free policy. Citizens of Bulgaria, Romania, and Cyprus should expect

You can use the B-1 or B-2 visas to travel to the USA for purposes such as tourism, business meetings, or medical care at regional facilities. You can visit friends and family, tour the nation, and participate in training and conferences. Entry under the Program is not permitted to study or work in the US.

You must apply for entry authorization through the Electronic System of Authorization, or “ESTA,” before visiting the US under the Visa Waiver Program. To receive permission, you must visit the platform, complete a form, and pay a $14 cost.

Conditions for a National of a Participating Nation

  • No criminal history
  • No prior entry refusals into the US are prerequisites for citizens of participating nations.
  • Receive an electronic permit to enter the USA in the ESTA system
  • Have a return ticket or proof that you will depart the USA on schedule, depending on whether you visit for business, pleasure, or transit.

Visa-free stays of up to six months are allowed for citizens of 87 nations in the UK. Only transitory entry is legal for nationals of non-EU countries, and there is no requirement that they depart the UK with a visa from one of these nations before proceeding to Australia, Canada, the United States, or New Zealand. A cruise ship passenger who enters the UK can stay there for 24 hours without a visa.

The Bottom Line

In addition to the US and UK, people acquire a Maltese passport, citizenship by naturalization for exceptional services, and permits the holder to travel without a visa.…